Working with local businesses – Emily Tolmie Ceramics

    I was so excited to do this session with Emily Tolmie Ceramics. Working with local businesses is very rewarding and it’s especially fun when they are creative and I get to photograph artists doing what they love!

    I asked Emily to answer my interview questions so you can learn more about her and her business in her answers below.

    1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

    My name is Emily Tolmie I am a functional potter living in Brackendale Squamish. I live in a glorious area of the world with my husband and two daughters. I have a home studio where I make work, teach workshops and offer open studio space to other potters in Squamish.

    2. Tell us a bit about your business.

    My business is making functional pottery and teaching clay to adults and sometimes children and youth. I supply stores in Squamish, Whistler, Comox, and Parksville with my work. I also make custom work and have a show space in my studio to sell current work privately.

    3. What’s the most exciting thing you are working on right now?

    Presently I am most excited about using a new clay body and adjusting surface decoration. I am also thrilled to be adding jewelry to my product line. I also am hoping to increase my online presence by having an online store…fingers crossed with all these new things though!

    4. What do you like most about having your own business?

    I like having my own business because I have control over everything about it. Whatever successes I have are  because of the energy and work I put into it (that is one of the toughest things about having my own business too…..if things don’t work, it’s because of me!!)

    5. I know that work-life balance is a myth, but tell us what you do to keep things fair between your business and your family.

    To keep things ‘fair’ between my business and family, I try to include my husband and daughters on my process whether it is asking them their thoughts on designs or glaze combinations. I try to be as honest as I can with them about the struggles and successes I have. I also must make time for their needs and listen to them. Its very tricky and I tend to get absorbed by things in the studio while dinner is being prepped or baths are being drawn…I couldn’t do what I do if I didn’t have my wonderful life partner!!

    6. Do you have family photographs on display in your home? If yes, what value do they hold?

    We have many photos in our house and they hold great value- documentation of where we are from, and how we have come to the place we are at now. All of my family greatly value having this family documentation in our home.

    7. What advice do you have for mothers or anyone out there who might be thinking of starting their own business?

    My advice to a mother starting her own business: it is imperative to be doing something meaningful alongside raising humans. Children and adolescents need to be shown the importance of following your dreams and doing something your passionate about. Life can feel almost totally complete if you are doing what makes you happy!!

    8. Outside of business and family life what would you say is your most meaningful pursuit?

    My most meaningful pursuit is to feel content, grateful and fulfilled with my beautiful life.

    9. What do you daydream about?

    I daydream about reading…I feel I am always too tired and there are so many fabulous books in the world to read!

    10. Favourite Colour?

    I think I can’t be an artist and like only one colour…..I think I love them all!!

    October 17, 2018




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