What to Wear? | Outdoor Family Photography Session

    After creating a tailored photography session that includes selecting a location that the whole family loves, the most common question that I get is, “What should my family wear to the session?”  My first answer is always, dress in clothing that you love and feel comfortable in.  And, keep it casual, whatever your version of casual happens to be.

    Whether it’s jeans and a t-shirt or a button up with a bowtie, wearing clothes that reflect your true personality contributes in a big way to the authenticity of your portraits.  Keep it simple and stay away from being overly match-y.  Co-ordinating colours and tones look great.

    Don’t feel like you have to ‘dress up’ too much, but remember a little effort goes a long way.  Take some time in the days leading up to your session to start planning your outfits.  Especially you, Mom! Be sure you save some time for YOU, before the session. Have dad handle the kids so you can spend some time on your hair and make-up.  If you normally wear make-up, apply a little more than usual. Simple little details will go a long way 🙂

    This family looks so awesome! Just out on the street in front of their house, we found some beautiful backdrops and created images unique to their family 🙂 Spring is a lovely season to celebrate your family and refresh your space with a couple beautiful new art pieces for the wall!  For more information on how to plan your outdoor family photography session, call Vairdy @ 778-668-7168 or email

    Spring Family Photography

    Family Lifestyle Photography Session

    Sweet Toddler Photograph

    Mom and Dad playing

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    March 17, 2015



    Thanks Vairdy! Good tips – I was wondering what to wear for our family’s pics 🙂

    Great blog post Vairdy! Useful advice as always!


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