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    I was at the Refresh Market a few weeks back and I ran into an old friend and super amazing local artist Vanessa Stark.  The boys instantly fell in love with these muscle shirts, and I can’t blame them.  I have always been a fan of Vanessa’s work, her art is pleasing to the eyes of all ages.

    Yes, the boys picked their own colours and designs.  I love that O has an affinity for pink these days.

    And yes, this session was at high noon, or close to it. Known as the worst time of day to shoot portraits, but it’s also the best time of day to wear muscle shirts. I wanted to photograph the boys in their new tanks for Vanessa, but wasn’t going to risk losing the chance if they a) got them dirty and/or b) they didn’t want to wear them later on in the day during ‘magic hour’.

    I’ve learned from this experience that although magic hour is the best time of day for portraits, it’s not always the most realistic for young kids in the summer time.  My boys are in bed before magic hour every day and what am I supposed to do… not take pictures of them?!  Yeah, right!

    So, here I am in the moment, doing my best with the lighting conditions.  It helps that my boys are super cute and we happen to be on a gorgeous beach at Cox Bay in Tofino. Also, to find out more or shop Vanessa’s art prints and clothing visit her online store!

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    May 27, 2016




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