Trash The Dress

    Following my last journal entry featuring Megan and Myles and their beautiful Mexican destination wedding, I wanted to share a few shots from our Trash The Dress session we did in the pool.

    I am still learning when it comes to underwater photography, and I just love it. If only I lived in a climate where swimming pools and tropical beaches were a plenty, I would have more options to play! A girl can dream!

    Megan was so down with taking her gorgeous and delicate hand sewn dress into the pool to play with me — and for that I am forever grateful.

    She looked like a tropical mermaid and the fabric in the skirt of the dress did some cool stuff under the water.

    And, we pulled Myles into the pool for a couple kissing shots which was also super fun!

    Thank you, Megan and Myles, for being so adventurous and playful!

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    June 7, 2017



    Oh they turned out great!! Finally got to see them. Myles lol glasses…did they help?


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