Project 52 | Week 11 | The Trampoline

    I didn’t even realize how awesome a trampoline would be until we got one. It was my husband’s idea and I actually questioned whether it’d be worth the investment.

    During his time coaching snowboarding he was also trained as a trampoline coach. His athletes would use the trampolines to practice aerial tricks they’d later try on snow. Pretty cool.

    It seemed fitting to document some of the wrestling the boys get up to on the trampoline for a Project 52 session. And that hair with the static! I couldn’t stop taking pictures it just looks so awesome!

    I’ve been seeing a lot of web-posts about trampolines lately. I know some parents question the safety of trampolines for young kids, and I can’t blame them as we all know someone growing up who broke their arm in a trampoline accident.

    I think the technology and safety knowledge around trampolines has evolved a lot since we were kids though and I really liked what Bianca Bujan had to say about Spring-Free Trampolines: (which is the kind we have). Check out her blog Bits of Bee.

    I am happy to report that I just talked to Bianca and so far her family still LOVES their trampoline! Speaking of trampolines. I recently did some photography for Airhouse here in Squamish. It’s a progressive, freestyle training centre offering a wide range of trampoline and conditioning programs for everyone including small kids. Check out what West Coast mama has to say about the Airhouse.

    Since the Airhouse opened a few months ago, I have already been to 2 birthday parties and worked out a couple times too. They have an awesome bounce and sweat class… moms sweat with a trainer in the fitness studio while kids get to bounce. I call that a win-win!

    Here are a few shots of my boys wrestling and having fun on our spring-free trampoline.

    trampoline_kid_3445 trampoline_kid_3448 trampoline_kid_3449 trampoline_kid_3456 trampoline_kid_3458 trampoline_kid_3465 trampoline_kid_3473 trampoline_kid_3480 trampoline_kid_3485 trampoline_kid_3488 trampoline_kid_3497 trampoline_kid_3500

    June 13, 2016




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