Toddlers in Tofino

    It was the busiest long weekend of the year and we had no reservations.  My hubby had a serious urge to get in the water and surf so we borrowed grandpa’s VW Westfalia and headed for the far reaches of the west coast – Tofino, BC.  It was the boys’ 2nd trip to Tofino since they were born, the first being November 2012 when they were just 3 months old.  It’s a very special place for us as a family, and my husband I have been going there since we were kids.  Check out some images from a trip we took in 2011 here.

    We arrived at the ferry nice ‘n’ early and caught the 10:45, no problem… against all warnings, we were feeling we made the right choice to head over for a last minute camping trip that would include sand, sun and surf.  The campsite we ended up at was less than glorious, but it did the trick by providing us a place to park the van and rest our heads after long days filled with beach combing, searching for the best break and taking in all the sights that the village of Tofino has to offer.  There was much fun had by all, we met some old friends and had a great time in the sun and fog that Tofino summers are famous for.

    The beautiful beach at Florencia Bay ended up being our choice surf spot with mellow but clean waves and fewer crowds than the popular Long and Chesterman beaches. Although I prefer to visit Tofino in the spring or fall, being there in the summer was a nice change and the warmer weather made it enjoyable for camping with the kids.  What’s better than getting ready for bed and then playing on the beautiful Mackenzie Beach while the sun sets!

    Here are a few of my favourite images from our trip:


    August 22, 2014



    What an AMAZING lifestyle our kids get out here <3 Beautiful pictures and beautiful family!


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