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    It’s not every day I get to photograph another photographer and their family.  This summer I was lucky enough to get Tobin and Sarah of PhotoTobin Photography and their gorgeous kids in front of my lens for a few lifestyle portraits.  It’s always a bit nerve racking at first, shooting another professional, but these guys are so sweet and laid back we got right into it and had a really fun time.  They were not afraid to have fun and be silly for the camera and lucky for me, when you have photographers for parents, the kids were very much at ease in front of the lens.  They also shared some more soft and tender moments for me too, which is how I could tell  Mom and Dad have so much love for each other and their sweet babes.  It’s capturing this love that really makes we love what I do.  Being a parent myself, I know how that love feels and to have images that capture that is priceless.

    These are a few of my faves from our session.  Oh and if you’re wondering more about what the Modern Glam Experience is, ask me and I can tell you first hand!  If you follow me on facebook, you can see my new head shot up there is more than just a head shot… I had a blast working with them as their client too 🙂


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    October 2, 2015



    You truly captured the beauty, happiness and strong family bond here Vairdy!


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