Squamish Biking Adventure

    When love birds Stephanie and Liam came to me with the idea of a Squamish Mountain Biking Adventure for their engagement session, I jumped at the opportunity to work with them.

    They are avid bikers and wanted more than just the typical types of images you get with a more traditional engagement session. They wanted to make sure I wasn’t just a couples photographer, but that I could also ride. Thank goodness I have been brushing up on my skills haha!

    Doing this shoot with Stephanie and Liam was so great on so many levels.

    First of all, I love mountain biking and living in the mountains. And secondly I have never had a couple want to do such an active shoot before so I was stoked for that aspect too. This was a chance for me to do something new which is so exciting! Mixing my experience as an amateur biker and as a photographer who has spent years working with couples and families.

    It also tested my ability to make game day decisions while we were shooting. Adding the photo taking part to a typical ride meant it would take way longer than normal. We stopped frequently and were losing light.

    I am sure all the great adventure sports photographers out there can attest to the endless variables that come from working with athletes. From lighting and location to weather and trail conditions, these shoots require time and planning.

    In the end we decided to do Credit Line instead of Leave of Absence. Because after climbing 50 shades of Green I made the call that this was more about the shoot than with trails we did.

    We hit the look-out on Credit Line at the absolute perfect time and watching Steph and Liam clean the rock roll together was pretty rad.

    I am pretty excited for how the shoot turned out! A big shout out to Stephanie and Liam who allowed me to guide them and trusted in my creative vision. I should also mention my amazing husband/assistant Brandon who helped lug my gear around and keep us on schedule. Thank you B!

    Here’s the story of their Squamish Mountain Biking Adventure!

    October 29, 2019




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