Safe ‘n’ Sound Newborn Lifestyle Sessions

    Professional photographs of a newborn child are a keepsake that many of my clients cherish. However, it is not easy inviting someone into your home in the first 10 days after your little one is born;  that is why I wanted to share about my experience photographing this very short, but precious newborn stage.

    Your comfort is my top priority. And, part of that comfort is ensuring the utmost care and attention to safety during our session. Perhaps, you haven’t even thought about the safety aspect, and you shouldn’t have to. My focus is capturing lifestyle images, which is simply safer than photography that relies on complex positioning and uncommon props.

    In a newborn lifestyle session, I photograph simple moments from your everyday life. Your newborn is placed in props that you normally use, which means that it will be durable, stable, and most importantly comfortable and natural to your newborn. There is always a parent present to calm or help re-position the baby. And, lifestyle photography often includes a mother or father soothing their newborn, which is a rare sight in the more posed style of photography.

    Having given birth to twin boys nearly 3 years ago, I still remember those precious 10 days that were mixed with so many emotions. I am glad to have had a dear friend photograph my family with the same care and attention to safety that I offer in my lifestyle sessions.

    Here are a few sample images from the archives; we kept things very simple during this session. My aim was to capture the sweetness and innocence of the newborn, and the overwhelming love the new parents and big sister share with their beloved new baby.



    Family with newborn

    sweet newborn with family Mother and beautiful newborn mother and father lifestyle photography newborn lifestyle photography sweet newborn toes sweet newborn lifestyle photography newborn child sleeping

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    April 8, 2015



    Thanks for sharing this information, and your personal story. Your work is so beautiful Vairdy!! Love the lifestyle feel to your artwork.


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