Rocky Mountain Photography Trip

    That time I flew to Calgary to meet up with a couple of photographer friends, we drove to Canmore and spent two days tripping around the Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park taking our photography skills to another level.

    This amazing trip to the Rockies with two beautiful and uber talented photographers, Jennifer + Barb (plus Barb’s adorable daughter Kate), was like nothing I have ever done before.  Though it was short and sweet, to say I was inspired by hanging out with these two is an understatement.

    If you’re looking for a Calgary area photographer, please get in touch with Jennifer Kapala, she is SO so AMAZING!

    Check her out here:

    And if you ever find yourself with your family on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii please call Barb Toyama and book a session with her. She has photographed us and those fun beach and ocean photos are some of my favourites of all time.

    Check out Barb’s website,, and notice who made the home page!

    We stayed right in Canmore and feasted on wild raspberries growing right outside our door. I think Kate ate more than all of us adults combined! As far as photography goes, this trip was all about experimentation. We played with long exposures at night, tilt shifts, prisms and free lensing. Not to mention trying a new lens, the 35mm sigma Art, which now for sure is on my wish list. It was really rejuvenating creatively and so inspiring to hang with two photographers I look up to. For two full days we trekked around, talking shop and stopping whenever we wanted to shoot.

    These magical mountains are Jennifer’s stomping grounds, and although I have visited the area many times I think she thought it was pretty funny when we ran, almost literally, into what I think was a herd of bighorn sheep mamas and babies and I couldn’t resist getting out of the car and snapping away.

    The Rockies are full of gorgeous vistas and impressive mountains that remind us all how small we actually are in this world.

    I am excited to share these and get them off my hard drive and out into the world! And I will certainly be doing another Rocky Mountain Photography trip in the future 🙂


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    July 12, 2017



    oh wow!!! I was JUST thinking about this and missing you both! It was an amazing time and mad love right back at ya!!!


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