Project 52 | Week 9

    I had big hopes of capturing some really awesome underwater photos of my kids during our trip to Maui in March.  A few amazing photographers that I know have inspired me lately.

    Jennifer Kapala, , Barb Toyama and Dana Pugh all shoot underwater scenes. I thought it would be perfect to practice with my kids.

    What I didn’t really consider is that—at 3 and a half years old—neither of them can swim!  So, I gave up on that mission and decided to put the underwater camera bag away.  It wasn’t until our last eve in Maui when my hubby and our friend decided to take the boys out for a paddle that I thought why not?! The surf is super small and they have life jackets. I want to shoot in the ocean!

    With it being the first time taking my camera into the ocean, I know that I have a lot to learn. One of the major things that I learned already is that if I want to take this seriously I need to invest in an underwater housing. The water-proof shooting bags simply don’t cut it.

    There is something so magical about creating images in and under the water. I will definitely keep working at it. The boys are in swim lessons again so maybe the next time we head to Hawaii they’ll be diving under the water.

    I hope you enjoy the results of my experiment. Father and Son Surfing Family Adventure Photography Sufing Adventure Photography Family Travel Photography Maui Adventure Photography Surf Photography Hawaii Family Travel Photography Black and white sunset surf Kids surfing Out at the break Boy surfing Father and Son surf session Maui Surf Family Photography Family Travel Photographer  


    May 21, 2016



    Well done!!! Can’t wait to see why else you do!

    What else not why else 😉


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