Project 52 | Week 21 | Backyard Buttercups

    As I write this, we are actually in week 29 of 2016 and I am over half way through my project 52 photo challenge. The only other time I’ve measured life in weeks for an extended period was during pregnancy and the 1st year after the boys were born.

    It feels kinda weird somehow, like the year goes by faster when measured in weeks. During this little shoot for week 21, I was reminded gently by my children, who I end up learning more from than I ever would have imagined, to slow down and to stop and smell the flowers.

    I have a lot of grand ideas when it comes to things I want to photograph and techniques I want to try for this project. But this week, the boys were so thrilled to have a huge patch of buttercups to play in and collect, right in our backyard. And I thought to myself, this is real life. Having my boys see the beauty in these flowers—that are considered weeds by most—was a moment I couldn’t pass up <3

    I would also like to give a shout out to Joanne at The Modern Fort for the tank that O is wearing… to see what she’s up to with her socially conscious campaigns, please visit and follow them on Instagram at themodernfort!

    Vairdy_Project_528223 Vairdy_Project_528335 Vairdy_Project_528331 Vairdy_Project_528325 Vairdy_Project_528314 Vairdy_Project_528310 Vairdy_Project_528308 Vairdy_Project_528300
    Vairdy_Project_528275 Vairdy_Project_528266 Vairdy_Project_528261 Vairdy_Project_528251
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    July 21, 2016




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