Sometimes I don’t want to take pictures

    Sometimes, I don’t want to take pictures. In April, the boys and I went to Powell River to visit a dear friend who has moved up there to work as a nurse. I instantly thought, what a great opportunity for a Project 52 shoot!

    I started shooting on the ferry, even capturing some motion clips with the intention of learning how to make a short movie… standby for that project! After 3 ferries and a bit of driving we arrived.

    It was so calm and beautiful there.

    I snapped a couple iPhone pics and a couple film pics…warming up to taking out my professional camera. The next day I wasn’t feeling so good and actually came down with a terrible flu.

    No fun when you’re away from home!

    And if there is anything that can make you feel like doing nothing, especially shooting, it’s being sick. By the end of day 3, I started to feel better and we headed out for some beach exploring adventures.

    By the time we got back to our house on the water, dusk was beginning to set in. The sun was already beneath the horizon and the sky was filled with a multitude of colours.

    I grabbed my big camera and we rushed down to the beach to take in the last few minutes of light. I took this picture of the boys goofing around on a log, and even though their faces are in shadow, I can see their sweet little personalities so well.

    Sometimes, less IS more and that’s so true in this case. When I look at this picture I see so much more than the outlines of two little kids on a log at sunset. I see how much each of my boys has grown already, how different they are and yet how well they play together, and how even though they are twins, they are (as we like to say) simply brothers born at the same time.

    They are more different than they are the same.

    sunset silhouette kids pictures

    August 2, 2016




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