Project 52 | Week 6

    Boy with bulldozer

    If there’s dirt to be found, you can bet these two will find it. So for at least one of the project 52 weeks, I knew I had to capture the boys doing what they love and want to do so often.

    squamish backyard boys

    It’s crazy to me that they’ve wanted to dig in the dirt since they were barely crawling. And they’re still into it!

    Squamish Boy with dumptruck

    It just so happened that Daddy was home!

    Dad Sons Campfire

    Child with Dads Wedding Ring

    Family Photography Squamish

    My husband and I love the outdoors and can’t resist a campfire whenever were together, so it’s no surprise that the boys beg for one whenever he’s around.

    Backyard Campfire Campfire Backyard Squamish Photographer

    We were lucky enough to have a dry day sandwiched between the wet ones, so relaxing by the fire as a family was a given.

    Family Backyard Campfire

    Child and Family Photographer

    Squamish Project 52

    Big Chairs Little Boys Squamish

    …and when there’s a campfire, there is never any doubt that things start to get silly before the end of the night. I just wish there’d been marshmallows. Next time!

    Squamish Family Photographer

    Child Photographer Squamish

    Muddy Squamish Boy

    Squamish Child Photographer

    If I don’t let them know it’s their “last 5 minutes”, bedtime just doesn’t go the way it should.


    Nighttime Photography

    Backyard Boys


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    February 12, 2016



    Hi Vairdy
    Your photos are beautiful. I love how you capture real moments. I was wondering if you used any filters or did much touch up or processing with your pictures before publishing them?

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you! I use lightroom to process all my images.
    Hope that helps!


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