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    June 1st happens to be the birthday of my bestie and her twin sister.  Since they don’t live in the same town (or country for that matter) we have made a bit of a tradition out of taking a girls trip in celebration.  This year, 7 of us met up in New York City.  Visiting NYC has always been on my bucket list, and getting to explore it with some of my fave girlies was so much fun!

    The city that never sleeps! It’s so true — I’m not sure we slept much at all.  With so much to see and do…art galleries, shopping and culture to fit in….there’s no time for sleep.  We gorged ourselves on fashion, food and fancy cocktails, it was the kind of trip where you need a vacation after your vacation.

    I decided, while on tour, to break out my film camera, the one I used more than 15 years ago when I travelled around Europe.  Before digital was the norm in photography.  I knew it would be a bit of an experiment.  With film you don’t have the luxury of checking the back to see if your shot turned out, although it took me a while to stop looking down at the back of my Pentax K-1000 out of habit 🙂

    I would like to keep the traditional art form alive and print these in the darkroom, but that takes time… so for now you’ll have to enjoy the low quality digital scans.  To the beautiful women in these portraits: I love each and every one of you so much and am so glad we got to explore this insane city together!  I heart you too, NYC. I will be back!

    001vairdy_photo_2015_78670068 Vairdy Photography 003vairdy_photo_2015_78670077 004vairdy_photo_2015_78670090 vairdy photography NYC NYC Vairdy Photography 008vairdy_photo_2015_78670102 009vairdy_photo_2015_78670107 010vairdy_photo_2015_78670116 011vairdy_photo_2015_78670003 012vairdy_photo_2015_78670007 013vairdy_photo_2015_78670009 014vairdy_photo_2015_78670015 015vairdy_photo_2015_78670023 017vairdy_photo_2015_78670021 018vairdy_photo_2015_78670024 019vairdy_photo_2015_78670030 020vairdy_photo_2015_78670027 021vairdy_photo_2015_78670031 022vairdy_photo_2015_78670032 023vairdy_photo_2015_78670033 024vairdy_photo_2015_78670034 025vairdy_photo_2015_78670036 026vairdy_photo_2015_78670118 027vairdy_photo_2015_78670124 028vairdy_photo_2015_78670140 029vairdy_photo_2015_78670037 030vairdy_photo_2015_78670039 031vairdy_photo_2015_78670043 032vairdy_photo_2015_78670047 033vairdy_photo_2015_78670050 034vairdy_photo_2015_78670051 035vairdy_photo_2015_78670053 036vairdy_photo_2015_78670059 037vairdy_photo_2015_78670062

    October 12, 2015




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