New Norco Bikes

    So, I’m not sure if these kids are average. Their parents are slightly obsessed with biking, and living in Squamish probably adds to their sense of outdoor adventure – but I feel like these kids are so natural on bikes!

    They are now onto their 4th set of wheels and they are just 4 years old. They started out on the Early Rider run bikes, next came the Norco Ninjas with coaster breaks and the 14 inch Spawns. Now we cruise the trails on their new 16 inch Norco Samurais with hand brakes!

    I have to give major props to Jarrett and the guys at Comor Sports in Burnaby. We’ve been going to them pretty much since the boys could walk and they always provide us the best service, and are always there to help us out when it’s time for an upgrade. They know how to fit kids with bikes no matter what the age or skill level and they carry the top end brands like Norco – my personal favourite – I also ride a Norco!

    When we got these awesome 16 inch bikes a few weeks ago, they had to be tested on the Squamish trails. And of course, I had to bring the camera!

    Here are some shots of the boys ripping it up! They are getting so fast, and family bike rides are getting super fun now that we can all ride together!

    Way to go boys! Mama is super proud of you 🙂


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    October 3, 2016




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