First Birthday Visit with Nana

    A visit from Nana is a real treat for the little ones, especially during family celebrations like this sweet little girl’s first birthday. This lovely family recognized this special and unique moment, and chose to document their love in a family portrait session. We captured some adorable images of Nana, who was simply smitten with her beautiful granddaughter.

    We were wrapping up the session, when the sweetest thing happened. Nana gently nudged, “would you mind getting a photograph of me with my baby.” So, adorable! Nana’s small request offered me a simple reminder that even though we may have grown up, photographs with Mom are a valuable representation of the love we still share. Since that day, I’ve vowed to have professional portraits taken with my children and their grandparents.


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    April 21, 2015



    Beautiful images! So sweet to include little ones Nana too.


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