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    As a photographer, I started out learning and experimenting with various techniques for capturing and posing babies, children and families. I spent a little time, in my formative years, playing with a more posed style of photography. While posed newborn photography is often fun and adorable, it just hasn’t spoken to me the way that lifestyle photography has.

    I think it’s because I just love capturing relationships and families interacting with one another. When you put a baby in an uncommon prop, there just isn’t a sense of familiarity with the experience. While lifestyle photography is all about the experience. After giving birth and raising my twins, I see amazing value in documenting memories…in capturing feelings and moments. It makes me want this for the families that I share my artwork with.

    When I capture a newborn, I can only hope that when a mother looks at the photograph of her child wrapped ever so lovingly in a favourite blankey and thinks, “Gosh, I remember the first time we put our tiny little baby down on our bed. Wasn’t that…” And, the best part of that mother’s story will be the way she fills in her own blanks about that very moment.

    Enjoy these photographs from a few of my fave lifestyle sessions.Sweet Family with a newborn

    Mom Dad Newborn Portrait Dad and Newborn Lifestyle PortraitMom and Newborn PortraitMother Lifestyle Portrait Baby Portrait - Feet

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    May 5, 2015



    I agree with you! I am never comfortable being posed and I could never capture what I wanted when I tried to pose my boys. I think catching people naturally is when I get the best photos of them. I also like your comment about items like the blanket. How many of us save favourite items from when our children were babies. The funny thing is…husband has turned out to be more sentimental about that but he’s the one rarely behind the lens! Love your work Vairdy and you can see what you want to get across in your photos. x

    Thanks so much Carolyn! Would love to get you and your adorable family in front of my lens one of these days!


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