Maui on film

     Ok, so I know I was in Maui a while ago — it feels like months ago now, and I’ve already blogged about our trip twice (Week 8 & Week 9 of Project 52), but I’ve finally got my film back and chosen my faves from the trip. And, I am excited to share!

    I really really really love shooting with film for a few reasons.  

    First of all, it’s nostalgic.  It takes me back to my early days before digital.  We shot fewer frames back then because with film you try and make every image count.

    The anticipation that I feel while waiting to get that film back is the same… sometimes the shots you thought were going to be awesome aren’t so much and the ones you forgot you even took are the best.

    I also love the experimentation that comes with shooting film. I really have to trust that I know how to expose and focus without completely knowing what the outcome will be for weeks. Shooting with expired film lends even more of an experimental feel.  

    I shot 3 rolls of film in Hawaii, all different types and all expired.  It’s pretty easy to guess which images were shot on the same roll by noticing things like contrast and colour tone. Love this.

    Fianlly, I love the look of film.  We try and re-create that classic film-look with our digital cameras. And I admit we come close at times, yet there is just something about the quality of light exposing film that just can’t be done on a digital image sensor. 

    Dreamy focus, unique colours and film grain are things that make film unique.

    Here are a few of my favourite shots from my Pentax K-1000 35mm camera.  

    Maui_Film_81020005-1 Maui_Film_81020008 Maui_Film_81020013 Maui Film Maui_Film_81020019-1 Maui_Film_81020020 Maui_Film_81020026 Film Photography Maui_Film_81020036-1 Maui_Film_81030003 Maui_Film_81030010 Maui_Film_81030013 Maui_Film_81030023-1 Maui_Film_81040012 Maui_Film_81040016-1 Maui_Film_81040020 Maui_Film_81040025 Maui_Film_81040030 Maui_Film_81040032 Maui_Film_81040035 Maui on film

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    June 6, 2016




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