Leading Moms 2014

    Yesterday was the 3rd annual Leading Moms event but it was my first time attending.  To say it was inspiring would be an understatement.  There happens to be a lot of really cool moms in Vancouver, the energy was electric with so many of them together in the same room.  Christine Pilkington, the founder of Leading Moms, the brains behind, Crisp Media Inc, City Mom Now and Entrepreneur Mom Now, never ceases to impress me with her super savvy business skills. And, while running all of these enterprises she has mastered the most important job of all—mom of 3 beautiful girls.  The ever talented Nat Nanton was Christine’s partner in crime in creating this awesome event.  Please get to know more about Nat through her cool new blog, The Uncommoners Club.

    Scrumptious snacks of authentic Montreal style bagels from Rosemary Rocksalt, freshly squeezed juice from The Juice Truck and premium granola from Granola Girl were on hand to fill our bellies.

    The line-up of speakers was second to none. Hearing each speaker tell of their personal journeys in such an honest and eloquent way has inspired me deeply.

    Tamara Taggart, Award-Winning Broadcaster

    Andrea Thomas-Hill, Philanthropist, Founder of Cause We Care

    Taryn Brumfitt, Global Body Image Activist

    Comfort Ero, Storyteller

    Marnie Goldenberg, Sex Educator and Speaker

    Keri-Ann Livingstone, Certified Professional Coach and Speaker

    Louise Green, Athlete and Founder of Body Exchange

    Michele Kambolis, Family Therapist, Mental Health Expert and Author

    Madeline Shaw, Co-Founder of Luna Pads, Pads4Girls and GDay for Girls

    Jen Schaeffers, Executive Director of the CKNW Orphans’ Fund

    Adriana Mackenzie, Corporate Communications Manager for General Motors Canada

    These women all have something in common, they are super smart, beautiful and heart-centred.  There were moments I laughed out loud and others where I was brought to tears.  I am reminded that we are all human and that we must recognize the importance of living our fullest life… today.   We were reminded that we are all doing our best to be great mothers while creating moments that will enrich our lives.

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    September 27, 2014




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