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    Wow! Our fall mini-session fundraiser for the La Leche League (LLL) was a huge success! Kimberly Daniels (a doula whom you met in a recent blog) and I raised $1000 in support of this amazing volunteer organization. As the local leader of this national organization, Kimberly encourages mother-to-mother breastfeeding support to build stronger, healthier families.

    I had a chance to visit with a few beautiful mamas-to-be and mamas with their young babes at the most recent meeting. It was clear that this group is so important to our community. Seeing Kimberly give guidance and assistance through a peer-to-peer session made me feel warm and fuzzy.

    Hats off to Kimberly of Lunamama and the LLL volunteers that work hard to build such a sweet and loving community. Meetings are held at the Squamish Academy of Music, the second Thursday of every month. I highly recommend joining these new and expectant mothers for support with breastfeeding or guidance on parenting little ones. It is a peaceful place of connection, where you will be welcomed.

    The amazing and beautiful families that supported the LLL through their mini-session fee deserve a huge thank you. We were filled with delight in seeing so many families at all different stages of development – pregnant bellies, new babes, toddlers and elementary aged kids.

    Here’s my fave from each family…enjoy!

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    November 19, 2015




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