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    Just a couple of weeks ago, Kate Muker and her beautiful and loving family joined me for a lifestyle family portrait session. And, about a month prior to that I had been the photographer at her amazing Thriving Moms event. After spending time with Kate, and hearing her open up about being a mom and entrepreneur and share personal stories about her life I just knew I wanted to feature her here on my blog. Below she answers a few of my questions, and hopefully you will gain some insight as to how she keeps moving forward through life—full of love and gratitude, with a mission to help others, while smiling all along the way.  And be sure to check her her beautiful new site for more info.

    Tell us about yourself.

    I am the proud mama to a little girl named Indira and wife to my amazing husband Sukhi. I’m known as a connector and community builder, but my favorite thing is creating deep and meaningful one on one connections and time with my family. Through my own journey of growth (which you can read more about here) I have been inspired to create spaces and opportunities that ignite women to own their power in life and business.

    In 2010, I founded Conscious Divas, a spiritual community for modern women and later launched a number of local events focused on raising the awareness to live intentionally: Living Extraordinary, Thriving Moms and most recently Being Woman.

    What’s the most exciting thing you are working on right now?

    Definitely the Being Woman one-day urban retreat that I am hosting with my good friend Lara Kozan, the co-founder of Yyoga and Nectar Juicery. It has been a really powerful and fun process to see the parallels that each of us have learned in creating businesses and the magic that happens when you start with a powerful foundation that is totally aligned with who you want to BE in the world. We are really excited to create a space that allows women to first experience the magic within themselves and then use it as a platform for everything they do as a mother, wife, friend and entrepreneur. We are just getting started…

    More information on our retreat: Being Woman is a one day urban retreat experience in West Vancouver for women ready to create their lives powerfully. Women ready to dive deeper into their self knowing and hear what their soul is whispering. Women ready to embrace the power of the feminine and choose who they want to be for themselves, their families and the world. Women ready to create real, tangible changes and results.

    It is a retreat for woman ready to powerfully create their biggest vision. For more info and to register:

    Where would you be if you hadn’t started your own business?

    You never really know where you would be if you’d taken a different path. That’s something that always fascinates me about life. One decision can forever change the direction of your life. 🙂 Prior to venturing out on my own I was working in the marketing department of a local organic cereal manufacturer.

    What do you like most about having your own business?

    There are so many things I love about having my own business. I am a freedom seeker that loves to move to the beat of my own drum. After stepping out of the 9-5 I don’t think I could ever go back. I love the freedom to creatively execute my ideas, the flexibility to work the hours that work best for me and my family. I also love the rockstar entrepreneurs that I’ve had the opportunity to connect and collaborate with along my journey.

    Do you have family photographs in your home? If yes, what value do they hold?

    We have a couple of photos walls in our home. I love capturing and enjoying various milestones of our family. We take pictures throughout the year and have a professional family photoshoot at least once a year. The thing I love most about the photo walls is that it prompts Indira to inquire about them and us to share stories about the experiences.

    Outside of business and family life, what would you say is your most meaningful pursuit?

    To be the best version of myself and enjoy the most enriching life experiences.

    Favourite Colour?


    Here are my favourite images from our session, enjoy! ~Vairdy

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    May 18, 2015




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