Hornby Island | A Travel Story

    With the salty ocean air and the laid back island vibe, my recent trip to Hornby Island was, simply put, four days of magic.  From the stunning white sand beach at Tribune Bay, to the rugged shoreline of Helliwell Provincial Park, varied and beautiful landscapes surrounded us.  Gorgeous old growth forest.  Magnificent sandstone.  Pristine west coast waters. I understand why so many people return year after year to explore this Gulf Island. I met up with some amazing women and their adorable kids, who grew up around these parts, which made my experience that much richer.

    Travelling with the boys, and camping to boot, is no easy task.  Luckily, I had my besties there to cuddle in the van at night and pack 1 of the 2 toddlers around during our adventures. The creative juices were flowing, as rocks and driftwood were painted and mystical dreamcatchers were crafted by hand and made with love.  And how funny was our troupe of moustached children?!

    This place, truly, is magical. The narrow country roads are littered with flower stands, and a beautiful, one of a kind bouquet sells for just $8. Plus sales are based on the honour system; where else does that exist?!

    Even though the weather was unseasonably cold for this time of year, and it took 3 ferries to get there, my desire to return is strong.  I will be back.  The sense of peace and harmony on the island is unlike any other place.  I have fallen in love and feel so blessed to have experienced this place with such an amazing and supportive group of women.  But who knows, maybe next time we’ll invite the Dads and hubbies? Or… Maybe not!

    I shot a lot of photographs in the short time. I found it tough to narrow it down, too many cute kids + too many beautiful places = too many photos 🙂




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    August 1, 2015




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