Getting Ready for your Engagement Session

    I love engagement sessions for two main reasons. First off it’s a really wonderful way for you and I to work together before your big day. Think of it sort of like a practice run, you get a chance to see how I shoot and get comfortable in front of my lens. It can be a bit nerve racking for some folks to have their photo taken and the engagement session is the perfect chance to get over that fear. Besides creating beautiful images of  you two love birds, making sure you are comfortable in front of my camera is my main goal!

    Second, it’s our chance to be super creative and make images that really celebrate your love without any distractions. Not that we won’t do that on your wedding day, but choosing a location that’s meaningful to the two of you and getting gorgeous portraits of you so in love means less stress on your wedding day.

    Styling Tips

    • This is my number one piece of advice, choose clothing you love and feel comfortable in
    • Dress appropriately for the season
    • Avoid big logos and obvious brand names if possible
    • Don’t worry too much about ‘dressing up’ or co-ordinating outfits, remember we capturing your love story, we want the images to look authentically you and represent your personal style
    • I love lighter colours and tones and fabrics with texture. Think linen and knits. I also love red. In nature a long flowing red dress will really pop!
    • Feel free to have additional clothing or accessory options on hand
    • Bride-to-be: If you usually wear make-up, wear more than normal or even better use this opportunity to do a trial run for your wedding day make-up and hire a professional hair and makeup artist
    • Lastly, let’s chat about your wardrobe ahead of time! I love getting potential outfits texted to me while you are planning what to wear 🙂

    Before our session

    • Make sure you are both as well rested as possible before our session and you have a full belly and are well hydrated too
    • Make sure you have no urgent appointments/engagements scheduled right after the session to avoid rushing/stress and allow up to 1 hr for the session
    • And make sure that engagement ring is sparkly and polished!

    A couple other things to mention… if you have a fur baby… or a human baby for that matter!! Bring them along! They are a part of your love story and I love including them.

    If you have a blanket to cuddle on or wrap around you bring it… it can be a fun prop to have.

    If you any questions at all about how to get ready for your engagement session please contact me anytime! The pre-planning stage is as important as the session itself.

    I am so excited to create some beautiful portraits of you and showcase your love story <3

    March 29, 2018




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