Fierce Lifestyle Session with Louise Green of Limitless Life

    I’ve worked with the beautiful and talented Louise Green—founder of the Body Exchange and more recently LouiseGreen: Limitless Life—too many times to count.  It all started with some lifestyle images for her fitness company, Body Exchange, back in the spring of 2011.  She then introduced me to her beautiful family in a portrait session that we had arranged for the fall of the same year.  Sprinkle in a couple of different head shot sessions, and a test shoot for her upcoming book ‘Limitless’ and you could say we have a long relationship.

    It’s no surprise that we are consistently drawn toward each other because every time we work together the sparks just fly and we capture the most amazing moments 🙂  I love to work with Louise because she is not only a fantastic mentor for women around the world, she is also an inspiring Mom to her adorable son Eli.  Louise calls North Vancouver her home and she is often found enjoying the beautiful and natural environment right outside her front door.

    Most recently we did a session that was so different from all the others.  No looking happy. And, no smiling for the camera.  All fierce, determination, sexy, bad-ass stuff.  We shot on black to set the mood and went from there.  I love these images so much as they show a side of Louise that I am not usually trying to reveal.  Her passion for fitness and her body-loving vision is so clear. Nothing is going to stand in this girl’s way!

    Fierce Louise Green by Vairdy Photography Limitless Lifestyle Photo Shoot Louise Green Boxer

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    March 23, 2015




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