farewell 2015…I am grateful

    In order to realize how far we have come, sometimes we must sit down and reflect on the past.  Reflecting is exactly what I’ve been doing today.  I’ve been sifting through images and counting my blessings.  My heart is full and I am forever grateful for the life I have.  It is hard to sum it all up in one post.  It was definitely a year of firsts, so I’ll focus on the learning experiences 🙂

    I attended a photography retreat. In one short week, I gained knowledge and received heartwarming encouragement from amazing new friends. And I left with an incredible feeling of passion and inspiration for family photography.

    We moved our little family from East Vancouver to Squamish (I call it paradise!) Now that we are close to nature and the beauty of the Sea to Sky Corridor, we live more wholeheartedly everyday. And, we love it.

    I went on a fun all-girls trip to New York City. I pulled out my 35mm film camera, packed it for the trip and documented the long-weekend from beginning to end.  I came back inspired to shoot with film again.

    The boys and I met up with a bunch of friends and took a trip to Hornby Island, a place I’ve always wanted to explore.  We all fell in love.

    My twin boys celebrated their 3rd birthday. They are growing into such wonderful little people. I can’t believe it’s possible to love another human so much that it hurts.

    My husband and I went to Burning Man – without kids!  It was like therapy, but better.

    Vairdy Photography raised over $2700 for charities that support families, including Cause We Care Foundation and La Leche League Squamish.

    And, there were a lot of love stories.  Beautiful, make me smile, laugh and sometimes cry love stories.  If it weren’t for many of you sharing your love story, I wouldn’t be writing this post. Thank you to all the beautiful people who make my dreams come true: family, friends, clients and colleagues.  You know who you are and I love you.



    PS:  2016 is going to be another awesome year… I’m getting a makeover!  Not me personally, but my business 😉 Stay tuned!

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    January 12, 2016



    Amazing post Vairdy! Gave me goosebumps. So excited for you this year!
    Hugs Maylies


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