Project 52 | Week 8

    My boys start school next September, full time. Gulp!

    I know that I’ll be seeing them less, so we are really trying to soak in as much fun as we can in the next year and a bit. They’re at the perfect age to pack in the adventures, because they’re energetic and excited about exploring.

    Shooting Project 52 is still at the top of my priority list, while editing Project 52 has quickly tumbled to the bottom. Maybe you’ve noticed that I posted Week 10 already, but in this blog, we’ll be heading back to Week 8 (and eventually Week 9) for our family trip to Maui.

    Maui truly has become our second home, but it’s a home for relaxing and surfing—a work-free environment. Time for capturing my own family, for fun! My image library for Week 8 & 9 is huge. There are so many moments that I just couldn’t miss. 

    I took one camera (Canon 5D Mark III) and one lens (50 mm) on this trip. I like to pack light when it comes to gear…not too light though, as I had to throw in the underwater shooting bag (next Project 52 has close up of my boys enjoying the waves), plus a film camera. Oh…and 3 rolls of expired film (also soon to be shared). Okay, it’s hard to pack super-light, I mean, technically that’s two cameras—but the film camera is tiny! 

    Ahhh…Maui. How I long to be back in your warm embrace.

    Maui Family Vacation

    My boys and a few other local onlookers gaze in amazement at the power and beauty of one of the world’s most famous surf-able big waves.  To get to this vantage point, we had to hike for a couple miles through private jungle farm land on Maui’s North Shore. Named Pe’ahi by locals, and know around the globe as Jaws.

    Maui Family Vacation

    Drive-by selfie.

    Maui Family Vacation

    Hangin’ loose!

    Maui Family Vacation Maui Family Vacation Maui Family Vacation

    This is how a super-dad with 3 year old twins does it when we’re cruising through Lahaina Town and the boys decide they’re too tired to walk anymore.

    Maui Family Vacation _P_L1702

    All the boys got in the water… mamas stayed safe on shore.


    Two of my favourite people 🙂

    _P_L1764 _P_L1853

     Ho’okipa locals.

    _P_L1881 _P_L1886

    The daily scene at the complex we stay in called Puamana, at the south end of Lahaina Town. Dad with board and kids on borrowed scooters heading down to check the surf. We like staying in Puamana. Even though there are 250 or so units, only half are lived in year round by locals. It’s a really great spot.

    _P_L1898 _P_L1913 _P_L1945

    We don’t usually do much touristy stuff, but when it’s humpback season in Hawaii you gotta go for a sunrise whale watching tour.  We did see whales, the baby and mama both breached out of the water right before our eyes–but alas, they refused to pose for my camera.

    _P_L1978 _P_L1983

    Honolua Bay – another world famous surf break.  One perfect right after another.

    _P_L2006 _P_L2088


    Average morning routine… head down to the pool in PJ’s with Dad (coffee in hand) to check out the surf.


    I could stare at these waves all day… until next time I hope you enjoyed my blog!





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    May 10, 2016




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