FACE (Foundation for Africa’s Children Education)

    Join me on Saturday October 14, 2017 at The Juice Truck in Vancouver for a special fundraiser. This year, I am proud to be partnering with FACE (Foundation for Africa’s Children Education), a grassroots organization who sponsors children in Ghana so that they can attend school.

    This is my most ambitious fundraising goal yet. By booking a session on October 14, you will be helping me sponsor 5 children in rural Ghana to go to school for 2 years.
    Through future fundraisers Vairdy photography will make sure that these 5 children will have what they need every year up to Grade 9. That’s a 10 year commitment to FACE!
    And I am really hoping to make it to Ghana before they graduate Grade 9 🙂

    The $85 session fee will help me gather the funds to sponsor 5 Children in Ejura, Ghana for the first 2 years so they can have the education they yearn for and the opportunity to learn and create. Education gives them the possibility to become something and to contribute back to their community.

    An education that many of us here in North America take for granted.

    The session is 15 minutes and includes an online proofing gallery with approx 15 images + 1 image of your choice to keep via digital download.

    Additional images/prints may be purchased after, but no additional purchase is necessary. This is an amazing opportunity to get beautiful images for your holiday cards — I’ll be creating some new designs just for this event!
    Here’s the pricing menu for your reference

    A big thank you to The Juice Truck for generously donating their space. Their juices and smoothies are so delicious and healthy, please be sure to grab one after your session!

    This event will book up and space is limited!

    Please help me spread the word and share this with friends and family. I need to fill all the spots to meet my goal of sponsoring 5 kids for 10 years!

    Contact me anytime with any questions about the sessions or about FACE.

    Thank you in advance for your support! I am so so excited about this!

    Book Mini Session!

    More on FACE (Foundation for Africa’s Children Education) and why I feel so passionate about it 🙂

    When looking for a charity to support for this years fundraiser, I asked one of my most cherished clients (expecting baby number 4 now and I have been fortunate to have captured her growing family since the beginning!) if she had a charity she liked to support.

    She introduced me to Danielle, and although we’ve just met, Danielle is now officially one of my favourite humans. It was actually Danielle’s Mom who first started with FACE 11 years ago and Danielle and her mom now sponsor 126 students in a rural village called Ejura in Ghana, Africa.

    These women are super heroes to me and when Danielle spoke of the amazing success stories they have witnessed over the last 11 years I knew this was a something I wanted to be a part of. Not only do I want to sponsor these children for the full duration of their schooling up to Grade 9, but I want to volunteer and go to Ghana with Danielle, her Mom and FACE to help on that end gathering the supplies together and setting these kids up for success.

    FACE chooses children who would not otherwise be able to attend school without sponsorship. The Head Masters/Mistresses of the schools help to identify the children in the community that could use the assistance. As part of thier time in Ejura, they interview the children and their families and learn about their needs.  This makes the program unique.  This also affords Danielle and her Mom a personal connection and ensures that the children not only stay in school, but are healthy to attend and willing to learn.

    The children sponsored by FACE in Ejura receive a daily canteen lunch at the school (which may be their only full meal of the day), two new uniforms; made by a local tailor Issac and seamstress Eveline; two pairs of shoes purchased from the local market (to ensure they fit), all their needed school supplies and a new backpack purchased in Kumasi. For those children who have grown considerably, they receive a new desk and chair made by a local carpenter.   

    Today, Danielle and her Mom are privileged to sponsor 126 students in Ejura. several students have gone on to post secondary education, one a Nurse and the other an electrical engineer. Many students who graduate from Grade 9 are able to read and write, do arithmetic and work in local shops nearby, thus giving back to their own community.

    I am thrilled to be able to grow that number with them and am so excited to hear more about the student’s progress and hear their success stories!

    Thank you!


    September 28, 2017



    Hi Vairdy,

    I would like to sign up for the Oct. 14th mini shoot with my extended Vancouver Family. It would include up to 6 adults and 3 kids. We’d like to pick some of the best to be given as Grandparent gifts at Christmas (they mainly want to see the Grandkids).
    Do you have any spots left mid to late morning? Between 10am and noon.

    I will email you Leslie!


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