Emily Scott Fitness Squamish

    I am excited to share this shoot I did with Emily Scott Fitness in Squamish. Not only because I had a great time shooting with Emily but also because I am her client too.

    Since October I have been working out with Emily at Mountain Fitness Center in Squamish. It has been so freaking awesome!

    Just today we were doing some core exercises and I realized how much stronger I am now than I was before we started.

    As much as I want to talk about what it was like shooting with Emily, I am more excited to talk about her amazing I’m super excited about her small group training classes. 

    Lift & Sweat is a unique strength and conditioning class that is designed to challenge you and keep you motivated. You will get the benefits of a personal training experience done in a group setting. Classes are a blend of traditional strength exercises, accessory movements and metabolic conditioning. 

    If you want to take your fitness and strength to the next level, I HIGHLY recommend these classes. They are unlike any other classes I have done before. I just love working out at the gym now, which I never used to.

    Ok now check out these awesome shots we got of Emily at the gym and on location training outside.

    February 11, 2020




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