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    I am always out and about with my boys, snapping away on my iPhone, and posting to Instagram.  It’s a lovely pastime of mine and I love how I can be creative and make images so easily in the palm of my hand.  I LOVE my iPhone!

    Hardly a day goes by where I don’t shoot and post.  It’s become an obsession and sometimes I am guilty of spending time documenting and sharing the moment instead of just enjoying it.  This for me IS enjoyment!  My husband is always asking me to put my phone away, to which I reply ‘it’s called Instagram not Latergram’ 😉 Thankfully, I am getting quick. Snap. Edit. Hashtag. Post in a minute or two and on we go.

    At the end of last year—between Christmas and New Year’s, I think—Vairdy Photography’s Instagram feed caught the eye of Christine Pilkington, founder of  Having worked with Christine on many occasions in the past, I instantly recognized the way that her creative mind often takes over, and she asked me to be a regular contributor to her site.  It sounds like a lot of work I admitted, to which she replied, “You are already doing it!”

    Christine was right, I was already going around town—and farther afield—with my boys in tow looking for cool, fun new adventures.  SO now, instead of just going on my Instagram, I am contributing every Friday in hopes that my wanderlust ways might inspire other local moms and dads to get out of the house and head somewhere new with their families.  My close friends will tell you that I am hardly a creature of habit when it comes to indulging my creative self, and although we frequent some places more than others, I am always looking to discover and explore someplace new.

    For a look at the great places my twin boys and I have discovered so far, go by my author page.

    Below are a few of my fave images from the last 4 months 🙂  I heart iPhonography!


    Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment Grandpa Flight Path Park YVR Dad and sons Sophies Cosmic Cafe Boy and his bike Jack Poole PlazaReifel Bird Sanctuary

    PREV. ITEM sweet newborn toes NEXT ITEM Nana and toddler black and white
    April 13, 2015




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