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    Local Love Business Feature: Meg @ Bungalow 968, Squamish, BC

    I’m super excited to introduce my next local love business feature and share some more lifestyle photography. I love what Meg is doing over at Bungalow 968 and it has been super fun working with her on a couple projects. Like all businesses, she needed some images to promote her offerings, which are very extensive I might add! This time she had me do some lifestyle photography of her in action while she taught her ‘Milk Paint: 101’ class. If you have a service or a product offering and no professional images to sell it, it’s going to be a tough sell.

    Doing these mini interviews with my clients is such a nice way to learn more about them in their own words and I often find the advice and insights given to be very valuable. With Meg it is no different,

    Reading her answers has left me feeling inspired and I hope there might be some nuggets of wisdom in there for you too.

    Tell us a bit about yourself.

    I’m Meg, I grew up in and around Calgary, spending a lot of time riding horses and snowboarding. I moved to the west coast 20 (gulp) twenty years ago, spending about half of that time in North Vancouver and the other half in beautiful Squamish. I’m a mamma to a hockey playing 11 year old gal, who continually surprises me with her knowledge and wisdom that is well beyond her years. I’ve worked in a lot of various industries and with a lot of really great folks, travelling extensively through the backcountry of BC, Alberta and all over Canada, I’m fortunate to have seen a lot of the Western side of the country that a lot of folks don’t get to see.

    I’m a natural problem solver, one of my longest career stretches was the Operations Manager of a National catering company that serviced very remote sites with challenging situations and very complex logistics. If you need to know how to get 1000 pounds of goods to Nunavut tomorrow by helicopter, I can sort you out.

    Tell us a bit about your business.

    I’m an award winning, collaborative entrepreneur specializing in business start ups. My background is diverse, I’ve worked with start-ups across a diverse range of industries including arts, retail, accommodation, food services, forestry, mining and tourism. I have two local businesses of my own, as well as co-creating diverse ventures across a broad range of industries. I’ve overseen the management of people across Canada, often working in Aboriginal Communities assisting youth as they take their first steps into the workforce.

    My business is called Bungalow 968 which is a gathering place for collaborative creativity and artistry. We host creative workshops, events, pop up shops and help entrepreneurs and small business owners get started through advising and brand exposure opportunities. I’m also a consultant, working with small and medium businesses providing strategy, advising and community, often working one:one with new entrepreneurs who are getting started, but also love building on strategic opportunities with seasoned business owners.

    What’s the most exciting thing you are working on right now?

    I always have something up my sleeve and right now is no different. I like noticing new ideas and opportunities and seeing how they percolate within my head over time, I get bored if I stay in one thing for too long. One thing I’m working on has been percolating for quite some time and I’m really excited about it’s potential. All I’ll say for now is true to form, it will be collaborating with creatives in our community, which is of high value for me. Stay tuned.

    What do like most about having your own business?

    I love the diversity. That there is not one day that looks exactly the same as the next, I also love the flexibility that it brings. If I want to work late so I can go volunteer in my daughter’s class, I can do that. If I want to take a day for self care mid week, being an entrepreneur allows me to have a flexible schedule that fits best with my life overall.

    I know that work-life balance is a myth, but tell us what you do to keep things fair between your business and your family.

    It’s in line with what I answered above. I’ve worked hard to create a life that I love. It’s by design and it’s certainly taken a few bumps and hard work to get to this place of feeling comfortable. That I get to do work that I love, meaning it doesn’t really feel like work. I love what I do and it fits with my life and family overall.

    One tip that I can share that helps balance time is that I block off non-negotiable self care time and time with family. There’s pretty much nothing that will get in the way of that those times for me. I’ve learned that if I don’t block out that time, things do completely get out of whack and which leads to me getting cranky because I’m not taking care of myself and spending time with those I love the most. It’s invaluable and pinnacle to being able to accomplish so much.

    We all have the same amount of time in a day, week, month, I do often get asked how I can accomplish so many things, this is truthfully how. I block of time to take care of myself and recharge my batteries with loved ones.

    Do you have family photographs on display in your home? If yes, what value do they hold?

    Yes! In fact I have a whole gallery wall full of family photos as well as some art work made by loved ones, plus I have photos all over the house of people and things I cherish. I love looking at those photos, they ground me and keep me connected to the people I love most (see above!!)

    What advice do you have for mothers or anyone out there who might be thinking of starting their own business?

    Figure out your why before you get going. I think that lots of folks dive in with a great idea and the best of intentions, but they don’t get to the core of why they want to do what they’re doing. Digging in with things like Core Values, your why, who you’re serving and what problem you’ll solve for them illuminates the importance and true meaning of the impact we want to have.

    Outside of business and family life what would you say is your most meaningful pursuit?

    Travel. I’ve been doing a lot of short trips and get away weekends over the last while. Sometimes it’s just staying in Vancouver or getting over to the Sunshine Coast for a shift in perspective. I’m so inspired by new places and people, getting away always rejuvenates me and brings me inspiration.

    I’m a full garden nerd! You might see me out there at 5:30 am in the summer, in my crocs, there’s something about digging your hands in the dirt, hearing the birds all in the quiet of the morning that is really grounding for me. Music is another one, I always have music playing and have been on a bit of a concert tour over the last while.

    I’m also truly inspired by building community and engaging in deep, meaningful connections. I like getting to know people and learning about them, we all are truly unique and have so much to offer, I really enjoy getting to know and connecting with others. Together with Natasshia of Oh the Sweet Things, we Co-founded a free, monthly meet up for creatives, entrepreneurs and new to town folks called State and Story Mornings Squamish. We gather on the last Thursday of the month for coffee and conversations, make new connections and learn from each other.

    What do you daydream about?

    New York City! I absolutely love it there. It’s one of my favourite places and I definitely need doses of it daily. I have a wall in my office that surrounds my desk that is filled with imagery that I daydream about. I love design, right now there are a few photos of crisp, clean lined design and a lot of black and white.

    Favourite Colour?


    July 18, 2018




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