Bridal Party Prep

    If there is one thing I love most about working with couples, it’s being a part of a wedding day – the full day! In spending the whole day with you, I am able to tell the story from beginning to end with beautiful images. I may not be shooting every second, but I love being there when everyone is getting ready.

    Capturing those sweet moments, like when the stylist is setting your final curls, is amazing. Or like when make-up is done and your favourite people surround you to help you into your wedding gown – each moment is simple, and yet stunning.

    No matter where the getting ready is happening, whether it be a hotel room, a home or your favourite hideaway, there are a few things to think about. To get the most out of your getting ready moments, consider setting yourself up for the perfect images with these tips.

    1  Pick a room that’s flooded with natural light – the brightest room is the best!

    2  Ask your hair and make-up artist to set you up by a big window – again we are wanting to find that natural light.

    3  Ensure your room is cleared, organized and de-cluttered (this one is a biggie, and it’s harder to accomplish than it seems, so take some stress off yourself and ask your bridesmaids to help).

    4  Don’t forget to order food and schedule enough time to eat it – right before your lips are done!

    5  If you’d like your mother and/or bridesmaids to help you get ready, let them know that they need to be fully dressed before you get into your gown.

    6  Blank walls and/or white walls are awesome for beauty shots. Yes, we will want to take a minute or two to photograph just you, the bride-to-be, when your hair and make-up are fresh and you’re fully dressed.

    7  Lay out your details ahead of time. Place your jewelry, shoes and dress alongside any printed/paper goods like invitations, ceremony programs, etc. This way, I can easily find and photograph your details while you’re getting your hair and make-up done.

    8  Don’t skimp on the lipstick or blush! Regardless of your skin tone, photography will wash out a bit of the colour. Bold lips look amazing in photographs, don’t be shy!

    Remember these are just tips based on my experience – let these be guidelines and not stress factors!

    And, most of these tips apply to guys, too – less the make-up tips, of course!

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    March 15, 2017




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