Breast Pump Fundraiser for Squamish Hospital

    Something that no one told me before I gave birth, ‘hey, breastfeeding isn’t easy ya know?!’

    If you have had a baby of your own you can relate I am sure, a baby (or more than one in my case!) just came out of your body in some way or another, physical pain and emotional trauma aside, you are now expected to feed this baby with your ultra tender breasts.

    It’s natural. The baby latches on, you make milk and voila!

    The reality is, it is very different for every woman and often way more challenging and painful that you ever thought it would be.

    This is why I am so proud to be partnering again with Kimberly Daniels, Doula and Owner of Lunamama Doula Services, this time in an effort to raise funds for a new hospital grade breast pump at Squamish General Hospital.

    Join us on Sunday April 29, 2018 from 2pm – 7pm at the Norman Rudy’s Clubhouse in Squamish for a special fundraiser.

    A few words from Kim who works alongside the doctors, nurses and midwives supporting new parents during and after babies birth.

    “I have seen first hand that families birthing in our local hospital could benefit from having a second breast pump. While our town continues to grow at a rapid pace, there is often more than one family at a time who need to use the breast pump. Right now, there is only one pump. Sharing the pump makes extra work and takes extra time. With a hungry new babe, waiting for the pump can add stress to a family who may already be experiencing breastfeeding challenges. It’s time for a second breast pump!”

    The $75 session fee will help Kimberly raise the funds to purchase a Medela Symphony Plus with a trolley at a total cost of $3000.

    The session is 15 minutes and includes an online proofing gallery with approx 15 images + 1 image of your choice to keep via digital download.

    Additional images/prints may be purchased after, but no additional purchase is necessary.
    Here’s the pricing menu for your reference

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    A big thank you to Roseanne @ Norman Rudy’s Clubhouse  for generously donating the space. The food is awesome and the location can’t be beat, please be sure to grab a snack after your session!

    This event will book up and space is limited!

    Please help me spread the word and share this with friends and family. We need to fill all the spots to meet our fund-raising goal and get this all-important new hospital grade breast pump into use at Squamish General Hospital.

    Contact me anytime with any questions.

    Thank you in advance for your support! I am so so excited about this!

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    Thank you!


    April 5, 2018




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