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    I first met Wendy of Snugabell Mom and Baby Gear right after my twins were born in August 2012.  The lovely Madeline of LunaPads had referred her to me when she was looking for a photographer to shoot some of her products.  When I told her I wasn’t available because I had just given birth she asked me if I was pumping a lot and as you may have guessed as a mother of twins in the first few months I was pumping and breast feeding around the clock.  She so generously gave me a PumpEase hands-fee pumping bra and all of a sudden I was able to check emails, make phone calls, read and even drive while pumping milk for my sweet babes.  It was a huge game changer for me and I am truly grateful for Wendy’s generosity and her AMAZING product!  And it wasn’t until the loco mixer at Nicole Bridger on west 4th ave that we finally got to meet in person!  Wendy is even lovelier in person than she is online 🙂  If you are or know someone who is pumping breast milk, one of these bras is a MUST HAVE!

    Snugabell Mom and Baby Gear‘s mission is to support moms’ decision to breastfeed through education, community and beauty.

    Through evidence-based information around birth and breastfeeding Wendy encourages conversations around the many mistruths out there in mamaland. Wendy has not only provided a great product, she has grown a strong support community for new moms on and offline.  And best of all, the PumpEase hands-fee pumping bra is not just functional, its fashionable too!  Wait till you see all of the cool patterns and designs there are to choose from.

    Finally, here are a couple shots I pulled from the iPhone archives!  Me using the PumpEase hands-fee pumping bra on the road and while on a shoot at LunaPads headquarters!  Haha

    April 13, 2014



    Those are aMAZing pics! Thank you for reaching out to me Vairdy. <3

    You are amazing!! I love Wendy and the PumpEase products!!


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