Bowen Island Bound

    It’s been such an interesting process to shoot weekly for a whole year. As we approach December, I am proud of all the times I got out my ‘big camera’ and photographed life.

    This project has pushed me further to get out and explore with my kids.

    You know when you have a friend who you keep trying to make plans with, but it seems so hard to schedule something.

    I felt this way about my friend Crystal. She moved from the city to Bowen Island with her husband Rich and their daughter Madison—which feels like forever ago, now.

    And with them moving to Bowen Island, (which was a long-time dream for these guys and I am so stoked for them) it seemed like such a perfect chance to go and visit Howe Sound.

    So, we found a day that worked. It was May 12th, when I packed up the boys. We took the ferry across to Snug Cove and met up with Crystal and her family.

    We wanted to explore the natural beauty of the island and the highlight of the trip was Cape Roger Curtis Lighthouse.

    The kids ran wild exploring tide pools and all the magical things that the ocean washes up onto the shore.

    This isn’t the first-time Crystal’s family has been on the blog! I had the pleasure of documenting her pregnancy and birth too… and even a newborn session.

    Thank you, Crystal, for being in my life. It’s always so nice to see you, Rich and Madison, even if it’s not very often 🙂



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    November 23, 2016




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