Beach Day with Friends

    Beach days are the best! My favourite outings are at the beach, and not just on a hot summer day. We go rain or shine, hot or cold. We go to throw rocks, a lot. We go with Grampy in his boat and on holidays. We just love the beach!

    So, I thought it was fitting to test out my new gear at the beach. Yep, I got a new Canon Mark 3 body, and for a photographer it is very exciting to update your tools. All I needed was a few test subjects.

    Thankfully, our amazing friends, who live in Tsawwassen, invited us out to one of their neighbourhood beaches for a play date. We found a sheltered spot out of the wind. And, because it was just like summer the boys jumped into their swimsuits and couldn’t wait to bury one another in the warm sand. At the end of the day, as we put the boys back in the car, I reflected on how lucky we are to have so many wonderful beaches close by.


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    April 27, 2015




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