Beach Day with Friends

    Ahhh… summer time. I love the snow, snowboarding, skiing, wearing toques and bundling up, but I also love the summer. There was a time in my life when I was so snow obsessed. I chased winter by heading south as soon as the local temperatures started to rise. Not anymore… as much as I still love winter and snow sports, I am really looking forward to some warm summer days.

    Just looking at these images from a beach day with friends last summer makes me think it’d be nice to have a little sand between the toes. Our kids can literally spend all day at this beach. The water is warm. And the hunt for jellyfishes never gets old.

    My project 52 is still keeping me busy, as I occasionally find the time to edit my own projects. And even though I am not shooting religiously, once a week for 2017, I am definitely in the habit of grabbing my big camera and documenting life more often.

    And, that habit is something I am grateful for when I look back on my 52-week-long project of 2016 🙂


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    February 10, 2017




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