Airhouse – Kelowna

    Airhouse is a progressive freestyle training centre offering a wide range of Trampoline, Gymnastics, Parkour, Skateboard and Bike programs. For everyone from young kids to adults. From learning the basics to training competitive athletes – practice, train and be coached.

    Airhouse is active, energetic and fun for all ages!

    Airhouse has been an amazing client over the last three years. It has been super cool to watch them grow from the original location here in Squamish to adding locations in Nanaimo and most recently Kelowna.

    With another client shoot booked in Kelowna already, I had to reach out and ask if they needed some marketing images for the new Airhouse Kelowna. Lucky for me, they did!

    With my family in tow, we showed up and I shot my little heart out for three hours, trying my best to get a wide variety of imagery for the website and other marketing materials.

    Because there is such a great variety of activities to do at Airhouse for all ages, this meant there were a lot of different shots to get.

    Particularly the new Parkour set up and program, with lead coach Luke Sabal. Luke is a professional Parkour athlete who broke the World Record for Highest Standing Backflip onto a platform (100cm). He has also been seen jumping off buildings for a Toyota commercial.

    Luk catching some major air at Airhouse Kelowna

    The Aircrew (staff and coaches) and Airhouse customers were happy to go along with my direction and the marketing team were super happy with the results.

    Both my boys absolutely LOVE Airhouse and have attended many different camps and drop-in sessions over the years. One aspect of Airhouse that I love as a parent is their commitment to safety. All Aircrew coaches are certified by Freestyle Canada Air Module.

    My boys have learned so much about air awareness, correct body positions and technique at Airhouse. These skills transfer over to mountain biking and snowboarding, both of which they do a lot! This makes me feel better when I see them catching air. And also when they’re rough-housing at home on our backyard trampoline.

    November 13, 2019




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