Hello! I'm Vairdy :)

    I love what I do and I am so happy you're interested too :) I am a natural light photographer based in beautiful Squamish, British Columbia.

    I’ve been working as a photographer for over 10 years and have learned a lot along the way. Life is fleeting and memories come and go. I truly believe that photographs are more than just a record of a moment in time, they have the power to bring us back our memories. Memories without photos will slowly fade away.

    I also believe in the inspiring beauty of tangible art and my aim is to create heirloom portraits that are printed, enjoyed and loved by the entire family. My home is filled with printed images and albums and we couldn’t imagine our home without them.

    I also believe that when it comes to marketing, having professional images to promote you and your brand is pramount... like, really freakin important. You need amazing images of yourself looking good and doing your thing just as much as you need images of the things you create.

    To say I am super passionate about giving back and contributing in my community through my photography business is an understatement. Since I started on this path over 12 years ago it has become an integral part of my brand and who I am.

    If you have a charity or cause that is near and dear to you please drop me a line, I'd love to see if I can help out by volunteering, donating a gift certificate or even organizing a fundraiser. Let's work together to create positive change in our communities and across the globe.