Project 52 | Week 10

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Well, I have to say keeping up on my Project 52 sessions is easy and fun when it comes to the shooting part, but I’m not so quick when it comes to the editing and posting. I’m sure many photographers can relate.

Shooting is the easy and quick part of the process. But, managing my massive digital library, editing and retouching are time consuming tasks. Especially when I’m trying to feature just a few great images from each session.

That said, it’s all a learning experience, and I am sure that all this practice will only help in training my eye with both shooting and editing.  

This is week 10. We hit the pump track that’s hidden in the woods between our house and the river. It’s such a cool little spot! You have to walk or ride along a magical forest trail to get there, which is carefully maintained by local Squamish bikers.

My guys just love cruising through there on their run bikes!

I’d say we go about once a week, if we’re around. The run bikes may soon be a thing of the past, as the boys get more and more confident on their pedal bikes. I’m feeling like I’ll need to shoot another Project 52 session as soon as they’re rockin’ their pedals.

_P_L2635 _P_L2652 _P_L2658 _P_L2706 _P_L2748 _P_L2751 _P_L2779 _P_L2799 _P_L2806 _P_L2808 _P_L2829 _P_L2833

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