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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

My neighbour Laura is a board member of The Paige Foundation. She is also the kind and loving person that inspired me to host the Paige Foundation Fundraiser back in October. Laura’s son Theo was diagnosed with the same type of cancer as Paige, and spent time at BC Children’s when Paige was there, the difference is he won the battle.

Laura is so passionate about fundraising for The Paige Foundation, and the reason for her dedication is clear. Raising awareness for all Paediatric Cancer Research Funding is a critical part of her vision.

Squamish Family Photography Fundraiser

This is Laura and her adorable family.

Paige Foundation Fundraiser

And this is Theo.

My love goes out to Paige’s family and to anyone who has lost a child. It’s unimaginable. We can only hope that by bringing awareness to paediatic cancer that another family will not have to live through the same heartache.

“Pediatric cancer is the number one cause of death of children by disease. Despite this, childhood cancer receives only a small fraction – less than 4% – of cancer research funding. The Paige Foundation is a non-profit organization bringing awareness to the gap in funding for pediatric cancer research.” ~ Paige Foundation

When I read those stats, I was really surprised.

Our neighbours and friends from the community came out for mini-sessions and raised $1360 for The Paige Foundation and Paediatric Cancer Research Funding.

Thank you again to all the families who joined us. I hope you enjoy these images from each of the families that made a donation through their mini-session fee.

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