I Love Musical Slideshows Family Edition

Friday, October 14, 2016

So we’ve planned the session, we’ve worked together to create magical images and you can’y wait to see them!
Introducing the musical slideshow – the best way to see your images for the 1st time!
I love these slideshows because with just one click you can sit back and watch the session unfold, and remember all the sweet moments we shared together.
I also love how much the kids love watching them too!
Making these slideshows is a service I provide to all of my clients because I love how much they love them.
So if you are reading the info on my site and wondering what I mean when I say musical slideshow – here’s an example!
Imagine the smiling faces of you and your loved ones scrolling across the frame…. 🙂

The Williams Family from Vairdy Photography on Vimeo.

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