Musical Slideshow Lifestyle Newborn Edition

Friday, October 14, 2016

If you are scrolling through my site, you’ll probably see that all my sessions include a musical slideshow.
This is the way you will see your images for the 1st time and I guarantee you will watch it more than once!
Here’s an example of a slideshow I did for this at-home lifestyle newborn session. This sweet family welcoming home their newest addition, we captured a variety of images including babe on his own, babe with each family member (mom, dad and big brother) and of course the whole family.
I just love capturing this time, as I write, this little baby is now 7 months old, full of smiles and laughter.
The newborn stage really is so fleeting – and it can feel like a whirlwind.
I cherish the images I have of my boys when they were this little so so much. They are 4 year old boys now it feels like a lifetime ago that they were so small and precious.

Baby Nolan from Vairdy Photography on Vimeo.

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