Grateful for My Girlfriends | Terranea Resort

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I love being involved with and planning awesome surprises. This trip was no exception!

It was the beautiful Naomi’s birthday coming up, and I get a long text from Katie with this link to the stunning Terranea Resort in California.  

How could I pass up this opportunity?!  

The best part was that Naomi believed it was just Katie whisking her away to celebrate her special day. I led her on with the deception that I couldn’t make it because of a wedding photography session that I had booked that weekend.  

It was Valentine’s weekend after all! Not a surprise that some couple might tie the knot on the love day of all days.  

The look on Naomi’s face, when she and Katie showed up at the airport to see me there waiting at the bar with 3 mimosas lined up, was priceless. We couldn’t wait to fly south for a couple of days of sun in the middle of a dreary February.  

The real icing on the cake…Anna, Katie’s twin sister, who calls California home, was there at the airport to pick us up. What happened next was a super fun and relaxing couple of days with super amazing friends. Oh, and I had a little surprise of my own when a couple old-time California friends turned up. 

Girlfriends are the best <3

Terranea_0388 Terranea_0399-edit Terranea_0414 Terranea_0446 Terranea_0455 Terranea_0457 Terranea_0490-Edit Terranea_0494-Edit Terranea_0498 Terranea_0505 Terranea_0532 Terranea_0533 Terranea_0539 Terranea_0510

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