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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I first met Heather a bunch of years ago on a snowy mountainside somewhere.  We had mutual friends and would catch up over some fresh pow turns every now and again.  Fast forward to this spring when I got a lovely email inviting me to photograph her wedding.

I was so thrilled she thought of me and even more excited to hear the wedding was in Squamish at the Wonderland Campground.  I couldn’t have been more impressed at these two.  It was truly amazing the amount of thought and effort they put into making their day magical, beautiful and fun.

We held their ‘first look’ on the sandy banks of the Squamish River just down from the famous Watershed Grill, followed by some beautiful forest portraits at one of Heather and Paul’s fave spots in Paradise Valley.  The wooded and mossy forest setting for the ceremony was so beautifully unique and the mix of friends and family these two brought together was second to none.

With so many wonderful photo ops it was tough to narrow it down to tell their full story in just a few images.  Congratulations Paul and Heather!  Your celebration of love will be remembered fondly by all in attendance for years to come.  I wish you all the love and joy together now and forever.  Your vows brought tears to my eyes 🙂



Elanor Bushfield

Sara Washington

Nicole, Rheannan – at Concrete Blonde

Jereremy Derksen, The Squamptones, Pitch’n’Putt, SkiiTour

GVan Catering

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